The Farmacy is a partnership between Keeseville Pharmacy and AdkAction, a local non-profit. The Pharmacy has served the Keeseville Community for over 15 years and strives to be "your key to better health." AdkAction creates projects to address unmet needs, promote vibrant communities, and preserve the character of the Adirondacks. Together we are on a mission to improve food access and food justice in Keeseville, NY.

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At the Keeseville Farmacy, we believe that good health starts at the table. Locally-sourced farms products not only support the well-being of our customers, but also benefits the environment, support the local economy, and uplift the Keeseville communities. We support our local farms by selling products grown or raised in Keeseville whenever possible. in addition to offerings from our local farms, we strive to have all organic and natural food staples in stock, ensuring that the food we sell is healthy for you and your family.


The Farmacy strives to make our local products available and accessible to all. We accept SNAP/EBT benefits and WIC checks, making it possible for for all families to purchase fresh foods from our local farmers. While some of the food products at the Farmacy may cost a little more than a typical grocery store, it is because they are sourced from nearby farms that practice sustainable farming techniques. We provide incentives such as coupons to help offset the cost of fresh, local food whenever possible.

Farmacy Partners

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Shield's Vegetables

Dogwood Bread Company

Gonyo's Jams

Bronson's Golden Bees Honey

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